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Keez NataS 

is a  Rapper 

& Author 






RMZ Keez NataS grew up in the West midlands, England and was raised in a Rastafarian family. 

“I have heard of that idea. I also met certain Rastafarians. I told them clearly that I am a man, that I am mortal and that they should never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that a human being is emanated from a deity.”

- Haile Selassie

RMZ Keez NataS took the oath in 666 and lives the movement that promotes Self-reliance, the willingness to risk your own life to maintain integrity of the movement and banishes the idea of worshipping any so-called deity's. 

RMZ Keez NataS emphasises his cocky deicide personality through music and through artistic creations. 

He spits fire blazing lyrics which usually leaves anyone who isn't familiar uncomfortable at first. 

With his creative art he aspires to one day leave a revolutionary mark. 

He promotes self-motivation & self-reliance in his music which gives his music unique style & other material to inspire people all over the world by expressing dark deicide lyrics & content.

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